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The epidemiology of multiples sclerosis in Alcoi. Analytical data

Frutos Alegría MTBeltrán-Blasco IQuilez-Iborra CMoltó-Jordá JDíaz-Marín CMatías-Guiu J.

Servicio de Neurología; Hospital General Universitario de Alicante, Alicante, 03010, España. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


INTRODUCTION: The epidemiology of multiple sclerosis (ME) in the Alcoi area has been studied by our groups for many years. When studying the factors linked to ME in this area initially we observed that migration, contact with dogs and the textile industry were associated with the disorder. A later study, in which the migration factor was controlled, still showed a significant association with contact with dogs and the textile industry.

OBJECTIVE: To make an analytical study avoiding the possible confusing effect of contact with the textile industry, since this may be associated with other factors. We also compared the results of previous studies.

PATIENTS AND METHODS: We made a case control study in which each case was paired with four controls for age, sex and having worked or not worked in the textile industry. The cases fulfilled the criteria for diagnosis of ME. The control patients came from the Emergency and Trauma Departments of Alcoi hospital. RESULTS. We analyzed 37 patients and 148 controls. Significant values were obtained for smoking, low social class, chickenpox and measles infections when aged under 15 years, pneumonia when aged over 15 years and contact with dogs, sheep and dissolvents.

CONCLUSIONS: Contact with dogs was associated with multiple sclerosis in all the studies carried out in the Alcoi area to date. This is therefore a risk factor for the disorder in the Alcoi population.

Rev Neurol. 2002 May 1-15;34(9):813-6.




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Desde el pasado 20 de marzo el Registro EPIDEMCAT permite introducir pacientes prevalentes, es decir, aquellos con inicio de los síntomas antes de 2009 para las formas en brotes y antes del 2006 para las fomas de inicio progresivo. De esta forma, el Registro será completo, permitiendo conocer el impacto global de la enfermedad en Catalunya. Para facilitar la identificación de los pacientes, se ha sustituído la calve identificativa DNI por el CIP.

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El pasado mes de octubre de 2012 se celebró una reunión de trabajo con los participantes en el Registro con una doble finalidad: dar a conocer los datos trascurridos 3 años de funcionamiento y explorar opciones de mejora y expansión del registro. Para más información consultar acta reunión.

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By january 2012, The MS Registry of Catalonia includes over 600 patients.

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An European Registry of MS (EUReMS) is starting. The European Multiple Sclerosis Platform (EMSP) is coordinating the project EUReMS, carried out by a multidisciplinary team and funded from the European Commission. The CEM-Cat has been selected by the European Multiple Sclerosis Platform as one of the centers participating in the project. Learn more.

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